135 – Alex Olmsted of Good vs Evil – The Business of Good

Olmsted 5-min

Social good marketing and business with Alex Olmsted

Olmsted 3-minAlex Olmsted (bio), Founder and CEO of Good vs Evil, an advertising and design company (focused on social good which helps companies into powerful forces of good through creatively driven and thoughtful CSR programs, and also help Non-Profits & NGOs tell their story in a beautiful and effective way as well as help them become superstar fundraisers), joins Marc Raco , Rob Sanchez, and guest host Ilan Tito.

Millennial support, consideration of negative impact, and analysis

Olmsted 1-minA return of food on the show, but is it Ding Dongs? Olmsted discussed building the Good vs Evil brand, finding the way to work with clients, how the company works on a project, working with fashion companies with social good goals, and when is it useful to integrate social good into business productively vs. hurting business. How social good can be “penalized” as something people take on, whether society rewards being good in business, how a social good component can add a business burden, why there is resistance even though we have to do it, and how millennials will support a brand with great social good vision.

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134 – Andrew Weinreich of Andrew’s Roadmaps – Running the Fastest

Andrew Weinreich 1

Entrepreneurial leadership and success …

Andrew Weinreich 2Andrew Weinreich [profile], a serial entrepreneur and pioneer in social networking, an active presence in NYC’s Silicon Alley for 2 decades, and Founder of Andrew’s Roadmaps, a startup boot camp, joins Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco and Rob Sanchez.

Online social networks, humility, and thought leadership

Andrew Weinreich 3Weinreich discusses his work on the first online social network and creating a defining patent in that field. He touches on speaking with confidence, on ambition and the special sauce of arrogance with humility and creating a defensible market for startups. The worst thing you can do when approaching an investor, network effect vs. expertise and sophistication, and building value that is defensible. Avoiding wasting investors’ time or your own, when he couldn’t raise a dime, asking right questions of investor, the nature of venture sources, developing one’s own mapping of venture sources for a company, the need to be a thought leader, and articulate thought leadership equaling a macro-thesis.

Vision of the future, timing a business start, and who succeeds

A story of push notifications and two operating systems, why it is important to know if someone doesn’t buy into one’s vision of the future, and playing a major role in the shape of a wave. Harnessing vs. influencing a movement, such as social media platforms, and looking at business models first vs. fixing it later, a look at being responsive to economic conditions of the times, and the ways companies are valued in the public sector. Instagram’s new feature and new brand play, wondering about ROI, is there a wrong or right time to start a business, whether there are any unique ideas today, the difference between entrepreneurs who succeed and with ideas, and whether one chooses to be an entrepreneur.

Passion, tech bubble, and get-rich-quick schemes

Common traits amongst successful entrepreneurs and patterns in successful businesses, needing to know how hard it is to do things and a passion, the ability to stay the course in challenging times, and being someone who can craft a story. Passion, humility, and resilience. Are we in a tech bubble? Online education, and what’s interesting to Weinreich. Off the Grid Questions cover O.J. Simpson and a 1-900 number, get-rich-quick schemes, Tony Robbins, why people change their life, using apps for research, and having fun.


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133 – Davide Vigano of Sensoria – Socks, Shirts and Science

Davide Vigano 3

Textile sensing technology …

Davide Vigano 2 Davide Vigano (bio) CEO and Co-Founder of Sensoria (artificial intelligence sportswear and training apparel powered by a real-time personal trainer) joins Marc Raco and Rob Sanchez at The 2016 Smithers Apex WEAR Conference in Boston, MA.

Points of data, mapping the body, and preventing health issues

Davide Vigano 1Vigano discusses Sensoria’s status with sensor technology, how putting sensors across a body collects a wealth of information, where finding reliable points of data and thinking about mapping the body has value and the human body has more real estate than the wrist, consideration of products in the medical device category vs. quality of data and fitting inside US laws, partnering with cardiologists and designers, and working to help people prevent health issues.

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132 – Nora Levinson and Soyoung Park of Caeden – Form, Function, and Finding Balance


Wearables and portable consumer electronics …

IMG_0094-minNora Levinson (bio) Co-Founder and CEO, and Soyoung Park (bio) CMO, of Caeden (uses technology and design to inspire dynamic and engaged living, with on-ear, in-ear headphones and connected jewelry) join hosts Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez and Marc Raco. This interview is the third of three focused on manufacturing and scalability of direct-to-consumer products.

Tech and wellness, heart rate, a three-punch strategy

IMG_6335-minLevinson discusses headphones and the new connected bracelet, the goal of bringing tech to help wellness goals and find balance in lives, the objectives in starting Caeden, living in China, what was missing, about stress, sensor technology, and bringing tech in a beautifully designed product. A heart rate sensor measuring heart rate variability with ten times accuracy, providing a glimpse into nervous system balance, and the stress and relaxation response tug of war. Looking at Caeden as a product design company, focusing on design vs. technology, a focus on not compromising, evaluating the need to dealing with copycats, creating products with attention to lines, aesthetics, form and function, and how making seem seamless requires complexity. Why Levinson and partner David Watkins have worked together more than a decade, a track record with Skull Candy, Jawbone, InCase, and Harmon, a three-punch strategy, why headphones first, and how considerations of arm hair and skin tone are a big engineering challenge.

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