174 – Jyothi Rao of INTERMIX – Relationship Retail

Multi-brand boutique brand with INTERMIX…

Jyothi Rao (bio), President of INTERMIX (the largest multi-brand boutique brand in the US) joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez and Marc Raco for “Fashion Is Your Business LIVE”, on location at the new co-working environment Blueprint + Co. Sponsored by UPS and Diageo.

Staying connected, a view of consumers, and dual-channel

Rao reviews the launch of INTERMIX in early 1990’s by entrepreneurs creating anew concept of a multi-brand retail environment, and becoming successful. How INTERMIX currently has over 40 boutiques and a rapidly growing ecommerce business. The simple value prop of presenting best fashion edit of the season, along with supporting emerging design talent through platform. Rao’s role of setting the vision of the company, hiring strong team-members, and staying connected with customer. The need to evolve with customers and employees, how Rao’s path has prepared her to steer INTERMIX the right direction, working for Gap, and becoming obsessive about branding and protecting the brand. The importance of knowing who you are as a brand, and not trying to be everything to everyone. Gathering a range of knowledge and experience with Calvin Klein knowing brick and mortar, and Gilt knowing digital, and how the future is two channels closer to together and having technology enable that. Rao is a proponent of multichannel retailing, and coming together and having a 360-view of consumers, authenticating them when coming in physical space, and having technology that integrates POS, CRM, perpetual inventory, ecommerce and customer-facing applications for one view of how the consumer is operating. Technology is dead on arrival without the store associate not utilizing it effectively. How INTERMIX is about the styling, personalization and localization, and trying to have more consumers be dual-channel consumers.

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173 – Rony Chammas and Jason Levine of Peerspace – Peer-to-Peer Space Booking, an On Air Challenge

Unique spaces for the fashion industry with Peerspace online peer-to-peer marketplace…

Rony Chammas (Co-Founder and CEO – bio) and Jason Levine (General Manager – bio) of Peerspace (an online a marketplace for individuals and teams looking for unique short-term spaces) join Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, Marc Raco and guest host Aliana Galan (Senior Project Manager of The Lion’esque Group, an agency of pop-up architects) on location at VoyagerHQ for an On Air Challenge (a recorded and comprehensive paid consultation on business development). FIYB listeners get a 10% site-wide discount up to $100 through 9/30/17 at www.peerspace.com/p/fashion.

Use possibilities, in-app mining potential, and customer acquisition

Chammas and Levine discuss the opportunity for people to gather and connect in person, finding spaces and environments to make it new and interesting every time, a more efficient system to offer short term rentals for revenue, and creating a community of hosts. They share the goal of figuring out best access points to the fashion industry, how Peerspace is currently working with designers such as off site meetings, events and productions. Looking at the biggest bottleneck of finding the space, and consideration of making Peerspace relevant in the fashion and design industries. How Peerspace is active on social media, active with marketing, and analytics on social media, taking advantage of micro-moments and then staying relevant throughout the year, and partnering with other relevant companies, helping with quotes from other vendors, creating more of a full-service experience by providing an outlet for spaces, a robust email distribution in play, and partnering with business owners in those relevant industries. Looking at in-app mining of user info or survey and suggesting needs users might have and suggesting spaces for use cases. Cross-selling for other uses, knowing hot locations where Peerspace needs the right hosts in right locations, adding a layer of the business model of the individual brands. Other uses such as production spaces and meetings with buyers and investors, how the complexity of an event can dictate speed of coordination and booking on Peerspace.

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FIYB Presents Rebecca Minkoff at SXSW on TopTalk with Liz Bacelar

Rebecca Minkoff on innovation and mentoring…

Rebecca Minkoff (bio) (Co-Founder, Creative Director and Designer of the Rebecca Minkoff womenswear brand) joins Liz Bacelar (global expert in the intersection of fashion and technology) for this installment of TopTalk and an in-depth interview presented by Fashion Is Your Business on location at The Current Mansion in Austin, TX during SXSW.

My friend the consumer, the Always On bag, and the risk/success ratio

Minkoff talks of fashion clinging onto the past, and the need for a constant education. How she thinks of consumers as friends, and the desire and need to keep a dialogue up with the consumer, while keeping it authentic. She discusses the launch of the Always On Bag, how it brings a bag to life, makes life easier and how the bag works for the customer. Minkoff touches on partnering with Avery Dennison and the ability to capture hundreds of thousands of women who purchase bags though other channels and begin dialogue with them, while staying connected beyond the wholesale purchase. How direct-to-consumer the way of the future, so this bag is a way to connect and deepen connection. Retailers should embrace this. The impact of the largest female brand being led by a Millennial female designer. Can success be “Ubered”? Minkoff stresses that success is not easy, and the keys to being successful come from strength of network and staff, and a willingness to take risks and fail.

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172 – Aliza Licht of alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet – Fearless Brand Marketing

Digital brand marketing in fashion…

Aliza Licht (author of the best-selling book “Leave Your Mark”, EVP of Brand Marketing & Communications for alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet, former long-time SVP of Global Communications for Donna Karan International, and the former voice of DKNY PR GIRLbio) joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, Marc Raco and guest host Jackie Trebilcock (Managing Director of New York Fashion Tech Lab, Episodes 055 and 150 ) in front of a live audience at the Caviar Kaspia pop up restaurant at Spring Place. Event music by Lucy Kalantari.

Work ethic, brand guidelines, and engagement

Licht shares what she learned from pivoting from the pursuit of a medial degree to a career in fashion, why work ethic is paramount, the importance of saying yes, being fearless to get ahead of curve, and why not caring about failure helped her success at DKNY. She touches on the kind of digital processes she has in place, how crucial it is to have really clear social media brand guidelines on platforms, and to control content. Looking back on the Wild West in digital marketing and how it was easier to build community, the need to amplify vision and voice across all platforms for a brand, building a team and gauging success, conversation metrics, how engagement must be first and foremost, and the importance of hearing authenticity. Preferring one vendor that does everything, and a theory on Chinese menus.

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