Shoptalk 2017 – Post Game Report – Days 1 and 2

Recap of Shoptalk 2017 in Las Vegas…

Pavan BahlMarc Raco and Rob Sanchez are joined by Lisa Marie Ringus, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development for 24 Seven Inc., and Catherine Mietek, Head of Product Marketing at Olapic, Inc., for a group recap of Days 1 and 2 at the next gen commerce event, Shoptalk, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV.

The discussion covers the incredible professionals at the event, great interviews with top innovators and brand leaders, high engagement of big content and session value, impactful ideas, thinking and talent, a collaborative feel, and the overall experience so far.

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New Podcast – Beauty Is Your Business – Preview

“Beauty Is Your Business” is a new beauty + tech podcast…

The informative and fun weekly show “Beauty Is Your Business” is produced by MouthMedia Network and is hosted by a team of industry leaders and relevant business experts including Julie Fredrickson (Co-Founder and CEO of Stowaway Cosmetics), Regina Gwynn (Co-Founder and CEO of TressNoire), Stephanie Betzler (Digital Strategist at Trendalytics), along with revolving guest hosts including FIYB’s own Rob Sanchez.

Lighthearted and boisterous, Beauty Is Your Business (“BIYB”) features discussions inspired by recent news, useful in-depth interviews with industry notables, and commentary about virtually anything in between, making insights into business and technology within the beauty industry entertaining, meaningful and accessible.

The show can be found at and on iTunes and Google Play.


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169 – Jill Sherman of Modalyst – Dropshipping Automated

Dropshipping marketplace for ecommerce with Modalyst…

Jill Sherman (bio), CEO/Cofounder of Modalyst (a retail tech platform and dropshipping marketplace enabling ecommerce stores to source, list and sell products without needing to buy inventory, warehouse products or fulfill orders themselves) joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, and Marc Raco .

The impressive path to Modalyst, dropshipping, and enabling independent brands

Sherman talks a path leading to Modalyst of starting with Vogue Magazine then Italian Vogue, then backpacking around Asia, then moved to Shanghai, starting and building a successful brand, then successes with Harvey Nichols and Prada and, then finally attending MIT for an MBA where she cofounded Modalyst. She discusses the substantial evolution of Modalyst from foundation to now, directing toward ecommerce, the retraction of brick and mortar stores, a dropshipping focus, the importance of complimentary goods on ecommerce vs. inventory in the store, providing metrics back to partners, Modalyst’s typical 700 suppliers, 15,000 stores, plus 100+ SKUs, mandatory great photography, and the integration of dropshipping. Working towards AI and other innovative solutions to field inquiries from suppliers, enabling the independent brands, the mission of how ones finds brands that no one else is carrying, and providing a network where two parties can converse, consume data and address each other’s needs.

Farewell to inventory, minimums and seasons, and developing via customer feedback

Discussion of the shifts in the retail marketplace being seen, the need for much education about dropshipping, how Modalyst established a standardized commission split between suppliers and retailers, and the opportunity for making more money per item via dropship that in wholesale. The primary motivator of having no need to buy inventory, following trending items, and ability to quickly swap then out of listing on ecommerce store. Allowing the simplicity of having to only be creating ecommerce, curating and marketing a store, with the rest handled by Modalyst. Being entirely B2B, how Amazon could be a great potential partner to sell warehouse inventory across thousands of stores, developing internally by customer feedback, responding to needs, and externally partnering with platforms as a more developed marketing plan, and how to get the brand known in the greater public. Data on location and product origins, how stores don’t have to deal with minimums anymore, being less efficient on shipping side, but more efficient on purchase/marketing side, seasonality is gone, and how distressed or past-season inventory can be put on the site and get a better margin.

TedX, Fish, and Highs and Lows

Off the Grid Questions cover living life in highs and lows, listening to oneself, public speaking, why FIYB is better than TedX, The Grateful Dead, Pearl Jam and Fish, music as a savior, and following one’s heart with something new.


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168 – Bilal Zaidi of Google and Creator Lab – POV

Search, discovery and innovation with Google…

Photo credit: Tom Atakora

Bilal Zaidi (bio) working in Fashion and Sport for Google, and host of Creator Lab podcast, joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, Marc Raco in front of a live audience at the Sennheiser pop up store in SoHo, NYC for FIYB LIVE. (Zaidi’s opinions and statements are his own.)

The path to Google, navigating the digital world, and the evolution of search

Photo credit: Tom Atakora

Zaidi reviews his background, announces a new professional development, reveals origins in e-commerce before it was in the consumer world, and selling street wear sim cards, candy, sport blog, teaching analytics, etc. A path to Google right out of college, and the transformation of Google from next-level search to playing in many digital worlds. Zaidi’s team navigating the digital world from Google’s perspective, working with e-commerce managers, CEOs and CMOs, the big growth area of YouTube, data analytics and converting to search, technology companies across the board, and working on Internet of Things and new devices.

Looking at the evolution of search from “mobile first world” to “AI first world”, and understanding knowledge. How people are searching in a conversational way, and the remarkable way that the assist of Google Now is anticipating needs. Plus, moving from being reactive vs. proactive as a result of creating discoverable things.

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