071 – David Munczinski and Bryan Tunick of Brickwork – The Digital Front Door

Linking digital retail with physical retail… David Munczinski, CEO and Founder, and Bryan Tunick, Sales Director, of Brickwork (a software platform for enterprise scale retailers and brand connecting offline and online experience) join Pavan Bahl (Open Source Fashion) and Rob Sanchez… Continue Reading

060 – Chris Merkle of Razur – Money Blanket

Digital Strategy.… Chris Merkle (founder of Razur, a digital strategy agency advising clients on digital strategy across social, mobile and web channels) joins Pavan Bahl (OS Fashion), Rob Sanchez (Ralph and Remington [Episode 22]) and Marc Raco (The Hope Is Project and Monkey… Continue Reading

021 – Ian Thiel of Optimizely “Connecting Experiences: The Voice of Optimization”

Technology solving non-technical challenges… Ian Thiel (Head of Mobile Sales for Optimizely, an optimization platform for websites and mobile apps, sits with Pavan Bahl (OS Fashion), Rob Sanchez (Manufacture New York), and Marc Raco (Monkey Radio) during the FDMobile event March 24, 2015.… Continue Reading

020 – Liza Kindred of Third Wave Fashion and Matt Wellschlager of Ceros “Wake Up to the Future, Humans”

The future of connecting to customers… Matt Wellschlager (VP of Marketing of Ceros, a digital design platform for designers and marketers to create interactive digital experiences) sits with Pavan Bahl (OS Fashion), Rob Sanchez (Manufacture New York), and Marc Raco… Continue Reading