004 – Sumeet Shah of Brand Foundry Ventures – “Hello Mister Chips” (part one)

Sumeet Shah

Pt 1 Accelerating growth in business…

Host Rob Sanchez, Pavan Bahl and Marc Raco chat with guest Sumeet Shah, Senior Associate of Brand Foundry Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm dedicated to accelerating the growth of emerging, innovative consumer focused brands and touching fashion world in apparel and products. The group munches on cheddar cheese and salt & vinegar chips as they discuss aspirational luxury branding, the changing direction of existing companies when majority shareholders change, keeping venerable brand reputation intact while expanding reach, using Chinatowns to expand brand knowledge, avoiding “hockey stick growth”, the viability and evolution of —  and the withdrawal of Mercedes Benz from — NY Fashion Week, the rise of Milk Made Fashion week, fashion calendar access for new designers, Pavan’s beef with Sumeet about the order of preference of potato chips—cheddar vs salt/vinegar, Pavan cooks the best steak ever for Rob, Sumeet’s mind is blown with news of a chicken wing festival and a garbage plate, and disgust at the combination of blue cheese with  pizza. Plus a detailed review of Brand Foundry Venture’s portfolio leads to a riotous conversation about selfie and belfie sticks, the unsexy parts of the home, the smart home market, and more.

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