005 – Sumeet Shah of Brand Foundry Ventures – “Hello Mister Chips” (part two)

Sumeet Shah

Pt 2 Accelerating growth in business…

Host Rob Sanchez, Pavan Bahl and Marc Raco continue the chat with guest Sumeet Shah, Senior Associate of Brand Foundry Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm dedicated to accelerating the growth of emerging, innovative consumer focused brands and touching fashion world in apparel and products. The group makes their way through cheddar cheese and salt & vinegar chips as they review the portfolio holdings of Brand Foundry Ventures, including Barnraiser, Brilliant Bicycles, Kite Solutions, Kiwi Crate, Naja, Caeden and Cotopaxi. A discovery of extraordinary headphones with unusual quality and geometric design shows an under- the-radar example of “getting” product. More on building partnerships, differentiators, cocky-versus-arrogant startup founders, the important of listening, taking a startup up against a tired old behemoth, getting noticed by the competition, being what the others aren’t, the Burger King vs McDonalds scenario (Pavan is slackjawed by Marc’s preference), and concentrating on what makes you awesome instead of putting down the competition and focusing on things you know along with what make people happy.

Shah shares his elevator pitch, the evolution of consumer markets and transition startups into next and great brands, and what types of startups are looked at. (Insert “mic drop” here.) Getting paid to hang around people smarter than you and trying to bring business back into the US including sitting down with union and trade organizations. Discussions on the sharing economy and the “uberfication”  (instant gratification) of the world.  How even a small delay in audience member’s gratification is mind blowing—it becomes significant event in that person’s life. Gamifying situations to motivate, how to approach a venture capital firm, using Seamless, Sumeet dreads  about trip to family India, newspaper clippings of women for single men, the role of the cellphone in business vs manners (note the lifesaving app “Refresh”), and the two types of entrepreneurs. Plus Sumeet on being the best Sumeet—-getting his brain to go from million MPH to remembering where he came from, being able to meet great people who helped him and trying to help others in turn.

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