008 – Jeffrey Madoff and Matt Hooper – “The Goofy Watch, The Mattaphor, and Eating the World” (part one)


Pt 1 Brand communication…

Jeffrey Madoff (Founder Madoff Productions) and Matt Hooper (Creator and co-host Eating the World) join Rob, Pavan, and Marc for a riotous discussion on many subjects, starting off with a feast of peanut brittle and a pretzel portfolio (or “pretzelfolio”). Rob switches up the news segment with updates he learned at a meeting with the Fashion Service Network, spurring discussion of the impact on production and retail because of the ongoing saga of the labor dispute at west coast ports, expanding world view regarding the cost of goods and buyer motivation, marketing cycles of manufacturing with planned obsolescence vs designing for quality, longevity and craftsmanship, the evolution of fashion seasons, sustainability, the complex issues surrounding and journey to qualifying for “Made in America” status, and the trend toward abundance in the “fast world” of the 21st Century. Also, Macy’s agreement to acquire Blue Mercury, Inc. results in a reassignment of executives, a shift in ecommerce and the changing face of retail, and looking at their business differently with focuses in omni-channel and innovation in business development, plus the opportunity of ecommerce and fate of brick and mortar stores as ecommerce grows. And examples of The Disney Store and the importance of brick and mortar stores bring lessons on signs of dependability and a revealing story of the impact on Rob’s education by a faulty Goofy watch. Matt shares his background of emerging from a challenging startup experience to working with a venture studio, accumulating knowledge and contacts while leveraging his perspective of youth, and the genesis of Eating the World. He shares an inside scoop on wanting to look like The Little Mermaid, learning about what people want and don’t want, thoughts on the millennial arc, the explosion of startups, and how he is creating a show about the intersection of policy, business and the arts by monetizing his rolodex and exploring the “startupification of global business”. Plus, a new word emerges: “Mattaphor”.

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