009 – Jeffrey Madoff and Matt Hooper – “The Authentic Fake, The Millennial Bullhorn, and Eating the World” (part two)


Pt 2 Brand communication…

Jeffrey Madoff (Founder Madoff Productions) and Matt Hooper (Creator and co-host Eating the World) join Rob, Pavan, and Marc for the second part of a riotous discussion on many subjects, including how their new project “Eating the World” focuses on getting your seat at the table, how to communicate a brand, transitioning from TV/Radio to online content,  branding as a story well told, the tale of Calvin Klein vs Ralph Lauren, long form vs short form brand storytelling, push marketing and calls to action leading to sales, panic button branding and the incredible importance of authenticity, brand truth, consistency of story, reinvention, and cohesiveness. Plus a discussion of whether people are brands, the “authentic fake”, engaging people in content and the cost of engagement, bots, buying views and likes, and sweeps to wipe out fake content. Why jargon doesn’t sell but building and sustaining services are important to success, the truth of knowledge of business and how to strike the most efficient blow, breaking down walls between disciplines, and accepting collaborations, gaining insights into how things work, knowing you’re worth something, channeling Willie Loman versus being interesting, and the mistake of growing into your brand. Jeff and Matt share stories of cleaning Russell Simmons’ bathroom, the impact of myth and philosophy on achievement, gathering, and harvesting, and what The Camcorder Kid, Spinning Bear Productions, and kid academy awards have to do with forming a career of getting ideas out there as a way of engaging with the world to be “in the game”. How betting led to their successes, and how every decision led to where they are now, learning to resonate emotionally, why wrestling and chess connect with the right way to do business (hint:  pivoting and thinking in series). And of course the connection between losing a student council election and bus ride poker, along with a last-minute pick-me-up about business success being propelled by the concept that death is coming sooner than you think. And what is this obsession with powdermilk biscuits?

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