022 – Rob Sanchez of Ralph and Remington – “Transparent Brand”

A transparent clothing line…

Rob Sanchez (Chief Strategy Officer for Manufacture New York) announces the launch of hisRobert Sanchez of Ralph and Remington menswear line and innovative company Ralph and Remington. Sanchez discusses plans to build a company with radical transparency, using social capital to launch a line, the importance of assembling the right team and knowing how ones team thinks. He reveals capturing the feel and look of modernized “frumpy old man” styles from an 1946-48 pre-commercialism feel-good, feel-safe Americana in its best moments in comfortable, high quality, long-lasting clothing and footwear.

A discussion about the decision of starting with knitwear and footwear relating to the availability and control of infrastructure and access to manufacturing facilities. Sanchez also talks with the hosts Pavan Bahl (OS Fashion) and Marc Raco (Monkey Radio) about a new way to build a company and the potential to inspire future business development for others. Is the company’s intended transparency due to a passion for educating or as a marketing strategy? Plus, the importance of talking with people about your ideas instead of keeping them secret, mental and spiritual fitness for entrepreneurs, and setting communication methods before moving ahead with business.

Sanchez touches on the role of controlling and timing access in protecting ideas in a fully transparent business model, and how that same transparency can result in attracting the right and loyal quality customer base as a result of transparency. And, why the new company’s logo is inspired by Andrew Carnegie’s family crest, how the development of a business is different when a legal mind is at the helm, the impact of team dynamic and group spirit, protecting privacy and IP issues, the practicality of pursuing patent rights, and when things are better remaining publicly available. Can wearable technology could be involved in a clothing line with a “retro” style, why cutting edge technology and creative uses of materials that brings Ralph and Remington makes innovative, and will Ralph and Remington’s garments be advances engineered to prepare for the invention of time travel? And Sanchez’s end game: protecting his vision without being a perennial lynchpin.

Swill Call questions reveal a Rob Sanchez who credits his accomplishments with a willingness to tackle the greatest personal challenges and fears head-on, and a determination to make committed decisions that stay in place for life. Plus how his favorite movie and the “beetle in the background” connect to his work in “world building”.

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