030 – Alex Semenzato of Cortexica – “Finding a Coat with the Hue of a Sunset”

Visual search technology is here…

Alex Semenzato (Head of Market Development for UK-based Cortexica, an image recognition and visual search technology company) sits with Pavan Bahl (OS Fashion) and Rob Sanchez (Manufacture New YorkRalph and Remington [Episode 22]) at the FashInvest Fashion Tech Investment Conference in Miami, Florida. Semenzato discusses that visual search technology, essentially a “Shazam for Fashion”, is a reality now. He touches on how Macys uses Cortexica’s technology already, the bio-inspired technology mimics the way the human eye sees and perceives, the use of “visual thumbprints”fashion tech, of products, API grabs, the relationship between database quality and effective use of visual search technology, the potential on the consumer side with apps, the possibility of a “Cortexica world” and affiliate program, and how data conversion can be used in merchandising.

Semenzato expands on the democratizing the technology, overcoming the limits presented by emerging artists and designers, the explosion of fashion technology and its different ways to shop, creating experiences, and bridging gap between online and offline presences. The difference between wearable technology vs. fashionable wearable technology, and a debate on whether London or New York is the capital of fashion tech! Plus, textile development, 3D-printing in fashionable items, what happens if another innovation with the sewing machine happens, what’s in store for Cortexica, the “Holy Grail of twentieth century fashion”.

BONUS: Semenzato comes back on in a special segment with Sanchez and Bahl, along with co-host Marc Raco (The Hope Is Project and Monkey Radio) to announce breaking news for Cortexica and shares an exclusive announcement about even more developments and upcoming launches in “next level visual merchandising”. And, a “Twitter challenge” is made.


We’ve been challenged to drive 200 Twitter followers for our guest Alex in the next two weeks. To make it a game, we’re asking all of you to follow Alex @alexsemenzato and our show @fashionbizshow with the hashtag #IFOLLOWEDALEX. Anyone tweeting the hashtag who is following both accounts will receive an invitation to our private reception for friends of the podcast. We look forward to seeing you there!


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