033 – Esosa Ighodaro of Cosign – “Shop the Image”

Images into storefronts…

Esosa Ighodaro (Co-Founder of CoSign, a fashion tech app which allows people to profit from passion of Esosa Ighodaro of Cosign on Fashion Is Your Business podcastbeauty, fashion, clothing etc) joins Pavan Bahl (OS Fashion) and Rob Sanchez (Manufacture New York / Ralph and Remington [Episode 22]) at the Open Source Fashion Freestyle Conversions Conference in Miami, Florida for a discussion about turning images into storefronts, social commerce, getting one’s observations noted, becoming an influencer, and making money on that. Ighodaro shares insights into the origins of her two month old fashion tech app company, including the ideas stemming from other people’s search results, and paying attention to a well-defined problem of answering the age-old fashion question” Where do you get this?” by matching a solution to ease of use through technology.

She discussed how something can become shopable by including information with an image which leads to commerce when clicked. She reveals the struggles to figure out how one turns what you don’t know into what you want to know, going from nothing to something, pitching anyone she can, how behavior and engagement has differed by age categories, the importance of video tutorials, plugging into network APIs, the surprising ways people tend to share images, the surprising discovery she’s learned about mobile purchasing within the app, and advice for someone trying to dive into fashion tech. Plus, Rob’s trade secret for getting developers to expedite work, and everyone sings!


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