036 – Courtney Spritzer and Stephanie Abrams of SocialFly – “You Really Like Me!”

Social media strategy…

Spritzer and Abrams
Stephanie Abrams (L) posts to Twitter while Courtney Spritzer (R) talks social media strategy

Stephanie Abrams (CEO) and Courtney Spritzer (COO) of SocialFly, a social media and marketing and PR agency in New York, join Marc Raco (The Hope Is Project and Monkey Radio), Pavan Bahl (OS Fashion) and Rob Sanchez (Manufacture New York / Ralph and Remington [Episode 22]) in studio. The discussion starts with a “Thomas Jefferson Moment”, everyone devours gluten free, photogenic, customizable Treat House treats, and a news story on FIFA soccer scandal leads to a discussion on damage control and spinning bad news using social media. From reality TV stars to Fortune 100 companies, the importance of immediate response and voice from a brand for maintaining control of tough moments. Spritzer and Abrams talk strategy content, Treat House treats for Fashion Is Your Buisiness podcast from SocialFlyworking with influencers, bloggers, social media sweepstakes, why their company is essentially an in-house marketing department and why social media PR is useful to outsource, how the social media landscape is quickly involving, why it is important to be “on the pulse”, and how surprisingly huge Google Plus is for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The duo discuss the approaching impact on fashion brands by the imminent influx of shoppable social media platforms, useful plug-ins to leverage followers and conversions on social media, why Facebook and Pinterest are better for driving people to website, why the Facebook advertising platform is the best, brand awareness, tactics and influencers, Instagram, and the importance of the power of images and amazing photography.

SocialFly on Fashion Is Your Business podcast
The SocialFly founders reveal inside scoops on social media

Spritzer and Abrams touch on why the background of Socialfly matters, how old they are in social media years, things to focus on and considerations for companies starting from zero vs established enterprise brands, finding a brand voice, knowing who a company is trying to attract and its goals, and whether it is important to post every day. And the FIYB hosts break down a personal social media promotional experience to find out what they did right and wrong. The importance of meaningful rewards, knowing what motivates followers, compelling images, whether bots are useful to synthesize followers, why one might lose followers, social media purges, tactful methods of asking for conversions, the continuing power of email contacts, blog content, measuring conversions, the importance of video for fashion brands, and why Facebook might be better for video. Plus a round of Off The Grid Questions covers obsessions with Instagram, Taboo, lemonade stands and friendship bracelets, a Pog and Beanie Babies tycoon, James Taylor and Britney Spears, The Secret Garden, the incredible seventh grade, and a show-stopping techno music impression.

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