051 – Rohan Deuskar of Stylitics – Robot Stylist: The Jetsons are Coming (or The Double Fluffy)

The digital closet…

Rohan Deuskar (Co-Founder and CEO of Stylitics, a fashion technology and data company and creator of ClosetSpace, theRohan Deuskar on FIYB complete personal style management destination) joins Pavan Bahl (OS Fashion), Rob Sanchez (Ralph and Remington [Episode 22]) and Marc Raco (The Hope Is Project and Monkey Radio), in studio.

The FashInvest Investment News segment focuses on Wrap Media’s $12.7Million Series-B raise, and its effort to deliver smaller content. A boon for the industry, increasing ease of launching a product, saturation of customers, the future of Stylitics, and how customers miss things because of the mass of data. The big spectrum, impending truth of instant access to any business, the idea of anticipatory businesses fed by news streams and current events, responsiveness, and becoming a tradable commodity and competition, and being a “Nielsen for fashion”.

AWHOOPIE PIE particularly fun Feed the Animals with a tremendous backstory involves a riddle, a celebration and the Amish. Discussing Stylitics leads to talking brands searching for more business, finding the right outfit for the right occasion, the issue of scale, curating of images into the digital closet, and how drivers of emotion, weather and variables impact computations and results. From inspirational photos to personalized emails, how brands make money by helping the end user with timely outfit recommendations, data capture, where visual search fits into the future of Stylitics, building up the team internationally, mixing stylists with data people, and what futuristic fashion-world problem Deuskar would like to see solved by technology.

The Jetsons are here, holographic clothing, an approach to hiring and team-structuring to make sure a team stands out from theROHAN DEUSKAR ON FIYB 4 competition, how the team is poised for continued relevance, what Stylitics has in common with Amazon, the importance of knowing when to be smart and when to work hard, the willingness to go for something that is based on a blank slate, and not being afraid of that future. The Robot Stylist, what drives the team, and the possibility of acquisition. The goal of creating the most innovative company in fashion, messages in raises of past and future, providing real-time trend info across consumer touch-points of brands and retailers, the speedy, extremely specific cross-referenced, layered data, and the largest fashion panel ever? The surprising marketing budget, the impact of word of mouth, a bet they made and lost, the factor of push notifications, and how Stylitics will be a part of the future of fashion and fashion tech.

Plus Questions Off the Grid dives into how multicultural and international background affected Deuskar’s business acumen, what sensory tendency relates to his approach to life and business, the importance of diagrams, the book recommendation of a lifetime, a moment of failure turns into a victory, the “Double Fluffy”, an unexpected call during the show, and how Deuskar’s unanticipated geography was a game changer.

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