052 – David Goldberg of Corigin Ventures – Why and Why You?

Backing entrepreneurs for success…

David Goldberg (Director of Venture Capital at Corigin Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm) joins PavanDavid Goldberg Bahl (OS Fashion), Rob Sanchez (Ralph and Remington [Episode 22]) and Marc Raco (The Hope Is Project and Monkey Radio) on location at the 2015 Global Fashion Tech Battle. Goldberg, serving as a mentor for the event, takes a look at companies that touch end consumer, the kinds of innovation in fashion tech that are exciting, how broad the scope of development is, building brands, services products, how innovations in retail are exciting, bringing brick and mortar locations into future times, and how they are close to integrating hologram technology to get people into a store.

David Goldberg 2Goldberg comments on why he is participating in the Battle as a judge, how his own experience in a similar event relates, you never know when you come up with an idea that can be next big company, and it can help get a sense of trends. His wish for collaborative consumption and moving away from ownership to a collaborative model can be game changer. Figuring out better logistics and shipping companies, his go-to thought/question applied across the board with mentees, the need to understand a problem and depth of market, and the duality of choosing to hit a small group deeply or a large group shallowly.

Touching the end consumer, logistics and on demand manufacturing, the value of a wide range of professional experience to bring an all-encompassing view, and looking at how products can affect people across all demographics and geography. A new acquisition, the difference in the fashion tech community infrastructure in the last five years, the value of community and of the second mover advantage, how the financial landscape has changed the kind of advice given to clients, exponentially increased access to capita, dealing with bottlenecks raises, and Goldberg’s favorite fun smartphone app. Plus: are we in a tech bubble?

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