053 – Stephanie Benedetto of Queen of Raw – The Supply Chain Gang

Stephanie Benedetto 4Materials meet designers…

Stephanie Benedetto (Co-founder and CEO of Queen of Raw, a digital platform where fashion forward designers and suppliers connect) joins Pavan Bahl (OS Fashion), Rob Sanchez ( Ralph and Remington [Episode 22]) and Marc Raco (The Hope Is Project and Monkey Radio) in studio for an interview. Benedetto discusses the need for touch to the digital world, why developing a tactile vocabulary is crucial, plans to add 3D and other technology, her meaning of sustainability, and Rob mentions a project working with people on the Autism spectrum to identify and help develop a language to equate common touches with fashion experiences.

PastriesA segment of Feed the Animals offers typical New Yorker pastries and leads to a discussion on negotiation and how the use of legal experience helps Benedetto, becoming a negation coach as part of Queen of Raw, and going from law degree to life as a fashion tech influencer. Furrier vs. being a furry, how a family background connected with fashion/textiles mattered, the importance of being a part of changing lives, and the sixty page partnership agreement.

The origins of Queen of Raw, how it differs from others in the same space technology and allowing one to print off one’s own materials with 3D printers located nearby. The desire for innovative, new, edgy, customizable materials, the ability to draw and design and be connected to a 3D printer in real time with low quantity. And talk of new types of materials such as coffee, cork, wood, etc. used to make fabrics. Benedetto reveals the feedback most commonly given to suppliers, talks real time on-demand analytics, how the revenue model works while keeping all interests aligned, legal issues prevalent in the fashion tech business which need attention, her number one advice to protect yourself, and how the speed of innovation is outpacing legal industry. Protecting intellectual property versus expense—when do you try and protect IP?— and investing in trade secrets as an alternative. Handling many moving parts and leveraging other technologies, shopping considerations, the awesome reason why they don’t do swatching, how accessible the fabrics and textiles are, and why translating the feel of materials into digital access is important.

Stephanie Benedetto 2Rob introduces a great method of checking the doneness of meat, the path to a mobile app for Queen of Raw, balancing the communication/connection of two cultures of designers and suppliers and finding common language and style, the focus of adding suppliers, and the personal relationship that is cultivated. Milk-based and bacteria-based materials, and fish leathers. Off the Grid Questions reveals accent origins, cravings, the Google search game, army surplus gear, gas masks, power tools, a playhouse, festival experiences, and the soundtrack of Benedetto’s life.

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