055 – Jackie Trebilcock of New York Fashion Tech Lab – Ahead of the Curve

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Jackie Trebilcock (Managing Director of New York Fashion Tech Lab) joins Pavan Bahl (OS Fashion), Rob Sanchez (Ralph and Remington [Episode 22]) and Marc Raco (The Hope Is Project and Monkey Radio) on location at the 2015 Global Fashion Tech Battle [Episode 48 and Episode 49]. First time judge Trebilcock shares thoughts on the fast-moving experience, how one of companies (Dropel Fabrics [Episode 34]) of the NYFTL 2015 class came from the, and looking as a judge for innovative, different ideas needed by consumers/retailers. She touches on why wearables excite her in fashion tech and the opportunity of how ideas created in the Battle could be things never seen or thought of before.

Feed the Animals!Trebilcock discusses the importance for startups of bridging relationships, considering the common threads of retailer and consumer pain points and where they are looking to invest in technology. She reveals a problem she’d love to see solved: anything that makes life easier for the consumer, customer experience and access is key, how to distinguish successful teams from others, the need for trying the ideas, researching on the competitive side including what’s trending and tech news, and whether the simple path to money trumps multiple revenue streams. An unexpected segment of Feed the Animals delights all with a terrific pastry snack, and we discover Trebilcock’s favorite type of food.

An exploration into New York Fashion Lab’s launch of its third program in 2016, what NineteenthJackie Trebilcock on Fashion is Your Business Amendment’s presence on Macys.com [Episode 37] has meant for inbound interest and notoriety, new relationships with brands, and a broader perspective. How her experience as co-founder in accessories/jewelry companies contributes to her impact as a judge and as Managing Director of NYFTL (day-to-day struggles, being thinly stretched, appreciating what motivates startup team, and enthusiasm). Is a supportive attitude better than tough love, and attention to the team dynamic. Her interest in mass-customization and digital DYI, and how her primary challenge at NYFTL is the wish for more time to develop traction and the ability to pilot something. Trebilcock also talks about her start in the industry and love for the business side of fashion and entrepreneurial excitement. Plus, how cooking plays into her life, cooking classes, and the way Rob’s mom has cooked chicken.

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