The 50th Show – Best Show Ever

Influential guests in fashion tech…

Fashion Is Your Business podcast hosts Pavan Bahl (OS Fashion), Rob Sanchez (Ralph and Remington [Episode 22]) and Marc50th Episode FIYB Raco (The Hope Is Project and Monkey Radio) look back at some of the remarkable guests and moments from the first 50 episodes, as they also celebrate another milestone of Manu Cafeexceeding 50,000 downloads. Memories, clips, a special “Feed the Animals” segment featuring the hosts’  favorite food moments plus gluten free baked goods from Manu Café, and a surprise round of “Off the Grid Questions” directed at the hosts reveals construction skills, blowing up plastic models, and what Pavan used to do. A robust episode covering everything from wearable technology and e-commerce to the future of fashion tech and business strategy.

Clip appearances include:

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