067 – Clare King of Propel – Sailors, Soldiers and Firefighters

Textile driven technologies…

Clare King (President of Propel, a company dedicated to the development of transforming textile related technologies for the USClare King on FIYB at Decoded Fashion Summit 2 Military and Fire Services) joins Pavan Bahl (Open Source Fashion) and Rob Sanchez (Ralph and Remington [Episode 22]) on-location at the 2015 Decoded Fashion New York Summit.

King talks need for garment textile experts to actively communicate with engineers, who will lead that discussion, and how that cooperation can result in technology people want to use. A discussion on applying innovations to uniforms, projects for the US Navy, including connecting sailors’ garments with the ship, ships without bridges, the role of haptic feedback, less data flow, how more technology can be embedded in uniforms, looking beyond interactive textiles, harvesting excess energy given off by vessels and body movements, spacesuits for submarines, physiology monitoring for the Mars mission, and a tale of super socks.

Measuring chemical/toxic protection, designing textile/uniforms for better protection and to improve firefighter health, urban wildland interface, blending of forestry and local fire department protection needs, how the Internet of things will affect firefighting, how Propel is collaborating with other research entities, and how customers are huge collaborators. King’s background in wash-proof breathables, films/lamination in clothing, outdoor clothing for children, the importance of chasing interests, and how sewing, Parsons School of Design, and Rhode Island have impacted her career. Plus looking at early stage technologies and to improve fabrics, data analytics.


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