070 – Grant Barth of Levi Strauss – Being Authentic

Maintaining brand image…

Grant Barth (CMO of Levi Strauss) joins Rob Sanchez (Ralph and Remington [Episode 22]) and guest hostGrant Barth Julia Macalaster (COO/Co-Founder of Preeline [Episode 16]) on-location at the 2015 Decoded Fashion New York Summit.

Barth discusses riding fluctuations and not being swayed by trends and opinion, keeping real and authentic, leading trends, how being aspirational and accessible keeps a brand alive with new ideas, how social media engagement intersects with wide demographics, Levi Strauss’ deep following in many cultures, taking feedback seriously, how tech changes create innovation, and the company’s current story.

A conversation on remaining consistent and recognizable, a focus on the challenges of merging tech into an existing voice in fashion, balancing customer desire for authenticity with inventive mentality, the collaboration with Google, Levi Strauss’ approach to materials and fibers, controlling the environmental impact of creating denim, the importance of having a range of materials, controlling fit, storytelling and navigation through story evolution, and innovation in store navigation for real and interactive experience.

Off the Grid Questions explore Barth’s personal journey, including small town farming, grandmotherly inspiration was stylish, China, Nike, the word Barth lives by, a famous style in Japan, what Barth sings for karaoke, the style of his first pair of Levi’s, and authentic rips.


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