074 – Sarah Slutsky of Cinematique and Cally Russell of Mallzee – Capture and Captivate

Connecting brands with customers…

Sarah Slutsky (VP of Experience at Cinematique, a touchable video platform) and Cally Russell (CEO of Mallzee,Episode 74 a shopping app that creates a seamless, personalized shopping experience on mobile) join Rob Sanchez (Ralph and Remington [Episode 22]), along with guest hosts Charles Beckwith (American Fashion Podcast [Episode 45]) and Nataliya Makulova, on-location at the 2015 Fashinvest Fashion Tech Investment Conference in New York.

Russell reviews how Mallzee’s personal shopping app is seen as “the Tinder for fashion”, swiping one’s way through the experience and offering brands exposure. Slutsky shares the story of Cinematique’s touchable video platform, how touching provides seamless feedback and a world of discovery, the possibilities offered by the platform’s cloud-based editor, how users can attach items to pins, and why this provides an ongoing dialogue between brands and viewers on items contained in videos as well as additional mineable data. And the guests explore the possibility of collaboration.

Both guests discuss what they see as important moves within the mobile space, how mobile is the key to fashion and how much shopping is done on way to work. The focus on marrying mobile with personalization, the ongoing mission to discover how to remove friction from mobile process. Russell talks about the challenge of the average mobile purchasing process exceeding 6 min, and how Mallzee’s two-touch checkout, featured by Apple as superior example of using Apple Pay, can be accomplished in just 6 seconds.

Slutsky touches on how to make meaningful experiences from consumed content and easily translate that into a commerce opportunity, and why the goal of he intimate mobile experience must be combined with easy, quick action, balancing personalization with efficiency. A conversation on why the focus is on high-end goods, and how being an “everybody product” is possible by reducing transaction costs and learning what inspires the user. Plus, the impact of users’ expectations to “get what they like”, and how 2016 offers Cinematique an endless roadmap of development.

Off the Grid Questions offers up the Wizard of Oz, shriveled socks, storytelling, looking for experience, steering toward sustainability, lots of jeans, falling in love with one’s wardrobe, and favorite technology brands.


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