081 – Third Wave Fashion Panel – Three’s a Panel

Fashion tech startups …

A special presentation of a fashion tech panel led by Liza Kindred (Founder of Third Wave Fashion and Editor in Chief of Third Wave Fashion Magazine) andThird Wave Panel hosted by AlleyNYC with guests Karol Munoz (Co-Founder of Luma Legacy, Jade Huang (Co-Founder/CEO of StyleSage) and Amanda Curtis (Co-Founder/CEO of Nineteenth Amendment).

Discussions of hardware accelerators, the definition of fashion tech, the Clueless Closet, trends that businesses are aligned with, consumer desire for sustainability, the effect of global warming on supply chains, personalization of wearable technology, designing for products vs. long term engagement, and tech companies the panelists are impressed with. Funding stories, and descriptions of hurdles reveal talks of bunk beds, hitchhiking, student loans, a strange startup tech home, and ducking reality TV show cameras.

The panelists describe what is ahead for the three companies, the importance of the story you tell when fundraising, and a lighting round of questions covers social media, Facebook relevance, footwear, cellphone operating systems, streaming video, New York City, breakfast with someone famous, and alternative careers.


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