089 – Karoline Gross of Smartzer – The Fifth Dimension of Video

Interactive video…

Karoline Gross (Founder of Smartzer, an interactive video player)Karoline Gross of Smartzer on FIYB 5 joins Rob Sanchez, Marc Raco and guest host Charles Beckwith for a fascinating discussion.

Along with very “sweet” snack, Gross shares her medical background and a discussion follows on its potential applications to Smartzer. She shares how Smartzer became on of the participants of the New York Fashion Tech Lab, what it was like to learn of the invitation, and how meetings with brands are starting. She discussed her large team based in London, what makes Smartzer different such as its specificity to fashion retail, the ability to pre-order from runway and then brands see analytics, how one click to lead to made-to-order products, its difference form YouTube, how the user experience is integrated, and why getting info when wanted instead of having it pushed at you is more effective.

Karoline Gross of Smartzer on FIYB 2An exploration on the thought process in designing the video interaction, what’s in the works going forward, the psychology of viewership and cultural implications on design and data. A look at the impact of content pacing of video and clickable targets, driving the development of the medium, and feeding data back into the video production process. Gross reveals how purchases from on site vs. not, A/B testing, customizing and branding the Smartzer experience including clickable targets,Karoline Goross of Smartzer on FIYB 4 five-dimensional video, working on a player that adjusts itself based on use, the impact of age on clicking, risk-taking behavior vs. engagement in video technology, and training older generation. Plus methods of testing the player, and the hosts suggest integrating a reward system to motivate engagement.

Questions Off the Grid reveal film school collaboration and moving parts, a monumental CPR failure, Med School Jenga, and trusting your gut, and “z” vs. “zed”.


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