094 – Cody DeBacker of Shopify Plus – Connecting the eCommerce Dots

ECommerce for enterprise businesses with Shopify Plus…

Cody DeBacker, the “Dot Connector” at Shopify Plus, an ecommerce SaaS platform targeted at high volume businesses, joinsShopify Plus on FIYB 3 Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez and Marc Raco on the floor of the Innovation Center of the 2016 eCommerce Show USA in Atlanta, GA. This interview is sponsored by Alert Tech, a powerful tool for retailers to understand the performance of their retail stores and make better business decisions.

After a quick review of Shopify Plus’ scalable reliable and flexible model, DeBacker reveals his fashion background from showrooms to trade floors, and how eCommerce is changing the whole game. A discussion on how ecommerce makes commerce better for everyone, and has became an entrepreneurial tool. DeBacker talks being able to sell within minutes, how enterprise companies can be transitioning into Plus, how it differentiates as beefier, easier, usable, cost efficient, volume-based, offers key metrics flexible, scalable, and is optimized for social selling. How mobile is growing and more people have access to mobile phone than running water.

Shopify Plus’ plug-ins, integrate with Avalara (a tax company), providing correct tax as a brand sells, customizing ones your own checkout, no transaction fees, and with more than 250,000 merchants on Shopify. The hurdles of international complexity and unique issues in 170 payment gateways, buy button integrations with social media and on other channels, and the focus on selling where your customers are. The kind of solutions Shoppify is on lookout for, how VR will bring brick and mortar to the home, and the way Shopkey can grab product images and generate product codes. A Snapchat gang name, how the Canadian-based Shopify team has grown exponentially, and talent grabbing.

Off the Grid Questions brings a diversion strategy gone wrong, undercutting a school to make money, a false ID parlays into a career, knife throwers, a Krispy Kreme hamburger, getting the free-ride letter, Braveheart, and ‘Murica.


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