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David Yi (LinkedIn Profile), the fashion editor for Mashable, joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez and Marc Raco on at Rise NY for an interview sponsored by Fiverr. For a 20% discount visit fiverr.com/osfashion.

David Yi, New direction, Generation Z, and the digital future

Photo credit Chesher Cat
Photo credit Chesher Cat

In Yi’s very first podcast interview ever, he talks about the recent repositioning and new direction of Mashable into media content, entertainment and web culture, the upcoming show with Bravo, what’s trending, and the shifting format and focus. Plus, vertical video and “mashaversaries”. Telling fashion in a digital, social media manner, Snapchat, innovations that excite Yi, and the Met Gala. Why you don’t market to Generation Z and their desire to discover and to be the group tastemakers, consideration of various generations, and seeing where the viewers are. The impact of Mashable’s reach on new technology, staying innovative and current, Facebook Live, the hunger for live video and how necessary it is, and Mashable’s place on Snapchat Discover being a type of daily reality television show, and the digital future. And Grandpa Pavan.

Rob Sanchez, David Yi, Pavan Bahl

Trump swag, fashion waste, bold and brave players, and the Instant Ramen Noodle of Shopping

Yi’s journey from Colorodan “preppy” to fashionable influencer with swagger, from Los Angeles to London, how fashion is intrinsic and your armor, how it can be utilized for good, Yi’s social experiment wearing Trump swag, how vocal people can be about fashion choices, and discovering how free fashion actually is.

The Met Gala, the Zac Posen dress with batteries, applications of fashion tech and how it can enhance and save lives, Yi’s wasteland of UPS packages of fashion tech submissions, and a need to hide more gimmicky hiding fashion tech. Yi’s timeline for pieces integrated into outfits, the challenge of exposing new ideas not ready for public consumption, the importance of innovation, what catches his attention for a report, and why it is critical to be a bold brave player and do something that will change the world. So much fashion waste and destruction, thrift shopping vs. investment shopping, social videos and clickable videos, how people want to shop with service, the “instant Ramen Noodle of shopping”, and why today is an exciting time to be a shopper.

The Humble Hustle, racist shirts, and saying no

Photo credit Chesher Cat
Photo credit Chesher Cat

The humble hustle, importance of being a good human being, working hard and the value of reliance on other people. Off the Grid Questions cover how Yi’s op ed story on Abercrombie and Fitch’s racist shirts empowered him, his dream blockbuster movie role, Jamie Chung and George Takei, and saying no to someone’s dream.


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