Bonus Episode – Wearable Technology at TechStyle NYC

Ralph Anderl of ICBerlin and Janine Just of TechStyle on wearable technology …

Ralph Anderl (founder of ICBerlin, a producer of high- end, handcrafted eyewear) and Janine Just (founder of TechStyle, which combines conscious fashion brands with the latest technological innovations) join Pavan Bahl and guest hosts Charles Beckwith and Shanice Graves on location at TechStyle NYC.

Photo by Edmir Asoski
Photo by Edmir Asoski

Anderl discusses fasting vs. energy, why his business has its genesis in a “mistake”, the unique and strong hinge that makes the eyewear innovative, regional differences in European fashion tech, the focus on 3D printing and trends of bringing production back home, handcrafting, in-sourcing along with the resulting inspiration and quality control. He shares the culture of the brand, focus of investing money in the quality of product, ICBerlin’s celebrity following including the King of Morocco, Madonna, and Brad Pitt, the importance of authenticity for marketing, how known German actors became shareholders, and the value of “doing”, imagery, and delivering a story. The company’s commitment to transparency, whose phone number is on every eyewear frame, strength in Taiwan, secret messages, and creating a culture. Plus, the great story about an ornamental hermit who became a huge success.

Janine JustNext, Just talks wearable tech, gadgets, massages, and how innovation and tech have taken over everyday lifestyle. The genesis of TechStyle, creating a platform for startups and to plug client brands, and how the event was born out of PR. The resonating story with wearable tech, designers who are getting it right, reminding brands to do quality storytelling, the value of direct engagement in person, why brands need to transition into events that give intimate situations with influencers and getting feedback, and South by Southwest.


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