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Fashion tech, podcasting, and entrepreneurialism…

Liz Bacelar, serial entrepreneur, fashion tech thought leader and founder of Decoded Fashion, joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez and Marc Raco for her first interview in which she discusses her departure from Decoded Fashion, as well as building new ventures and joining the Open Source Fashion team.

Liz Bacelar’s new story

Bacelar reflects her new journey and companies, as well as the shift in the fashion tech industry. She discussed her departure from the company she founded, Decoded Fashion, the emotional moment of announcing that move at South by Southwest, the price of company acquisition, and finding new ideas. Industry macro changes, the first major fashion tech conference, and being thoughtful. She hints at the big reveal of her next major venture, shares her strategy of properly positioning her own story of leaving and creating something new, the problem of removing speed, and what the industry needs beyond the introduction.

Bringing the most interesting people together

Creating international enterprises, Flow Journeys, the new ultimate networking experience passion project, bringing fifty of the most interesting people in the world together to solve a problem, and the need for brands and top innovators to explore how they can work together.

Podcast strategy and teaming with Open Source Fashion

A conversation on the way in which Bacelar is teaming with Open Source Fashion and Fashion Is Your Business with her new beat, along with her perspective on the podcast and its place in fashion tech, the need for more global content, and the one thing Bacelar takes credit for. New branding, and details on her new beat talking with brands. And a behind-the-scenes strategy discussion about releasing a large volume of banked podcast content.

Join us June 29, 2016 at 6pm for FIYB Live with Rebecca Minkoff and Uri Minkoff


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