113 – Nimmity Zappert of Localz – Smart People That Get Stuff Done

Location technology with Localz…

Localz 2

Nimmity Zappert (about), Head of Sales and Partnerships at Localz (an Australian location technology company providing micro-location experiences & iBeacon tools for enterprise) joins Rob Sanchez and Marc Raco on the floor of the Innovation Center of the 2016 ECommerce Show USA in Atlanta, GA. This interview is sponsored by Alert Tech (about), a powerful tool for retailers to understand the performance of their retail stores and make better business decisions.

Time and money

Localz 4Zappert describes Localz’s work in location tech, GPS, WiFI, and Beacon as saving time and money in business. She covers her origins in Teradata partnering with Localz, and how the company can help customers do things like making sure you’re home when there is a delivery so you don’t have to wait for hours.

Better service, and a conversation

She reveals the most exciting moment in sales process, and how Localz helps people to have a conversationLocalz 3 with the brand. Receiving info and offers at timely basis incites new and up sales, the objective is really about saving time, and can also give staff a tool to provide better service, treating customers like VIPs. How the platform works through brands’ loyalty apps, the new ways of mapping such as from magnetic fields, and how service times were reduced from 15 to 7 minutes.

Australian tech startups and selling internationally

The culture of Localz, what the Australian tech startup ecosystem means for available talent, and traversing the differences in international cultures and selling styles. Off the Grid Questions begins with a new way of choosing who goes first, and covers an exchange student and childhood sales.

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