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Shan-Lyn Ma 1Shan-Lyn Ma (bio), Founder and CEO of Zola (an innovative Wedding Registry that is transforming how couples and guests share, buy, and ship wedding gifts.) joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, and guest host Louis DeJianne, Director of Marketing and Consumer Goods, Apparel and Retail for UPS (the world’s largest package delivery company and provider of supply chain management solutions), on location at the 2016 SHOPTALK retail and ecommerce event in Las Vegas.

Seamless shopping, returns, and 10 million people

Ma discusses her background and successes in Gilt, chloe + isabel inc., and Yahoo, reveals the genesis of Zola, and talks building a marketplace. She mentions seamless shopping experiences, knowing all aspects of timing, the core of customer happiness, and how Zola handles return experience successfully. The use of offline, the importance of thank you notes, and the lifetime value of users. What more than 10 million people have done, and how a great shopping experience equates to future business.

Multi-cultural weddings, millennials, and Pavan’s nuptials

$16 Million, nuances of multi-cultural weddings, the two significant things done exclusively by Zola and Pavan’s upcoming wedding. The prioritization of experiences over things, brands resonating with Millennials, the fully personalized registry, and adding commentary to explain why the couple asked for something,

Off the Grid questions cover Stanford, a mistake, and culinary experiences.


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