122 – Francesca Rosella of CuteCircuit – Hello, Your Dress is Ringing

Interactive fashion …

Francesca Rosella (bio), Co-Founder and Chief Creative Director of CuteCircuit (a global leader in interactive fashion integrating new beauty and functionality through the use of smart textiles and micro-electronics), joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez and guest host Nataliya Makulova from QLabs, Quotidian Ventures’ collaborative workspace in New York City.

Second chances, explicit communication, and sourcing from rocket boosters

Cute 1-minThe hosts talk with Rosella about how the interview is a second-chance discussion, CuteCircuit being London based, her partner Ryan Genz and CuteCircuit’s 2004 genesis, garments that can communicate over distance while looking amazing and being soft to touch, and fabrics that change colors. The idea behind the brand at the start inventing something that didn’t exist, moving to explicit communications, a second skin empowered with digital aspects that extends the power of communication, the creative value and inspiration of traveling and international experiences, and sourcing in Italy. RoHS compliance, laser cutting machines, and why the innovative brand waited for a 3D printer. Sourcing from rocket boosters, the patent portfolio, and new methods for creating garments with electronics that can be washed.

A jacket that lights up, the Sound Shirt, and changes in manufacturing

CuteCircuit 1How Rosella’s top and jacket light up with programming on an app with any pattern, including a UV Index sensor and barometric sensor, designing interactive fashion for airline flight attendants and ground crew to increase safety and efficiency, special projects in music and celebrities, a Sound Shirt for the deaf that feels music on the body, the most futuristic thing you can put on your body, how manufacturing processes have changed, the future of microelectronics placed directly into fibers, electronic inks, thermochromic and conductive inks, and stretchable sensors.

The sci-fi dream, feeling your own fashion, and Barbie’s wedding gown

The big sci-fi dream connecting people to understand each other, the fine details of interaction, and empowering the wearer and feeling your own fashion. Off the Grid reveals a shocking wedding gown for Barbie, a coffee slushie, and unexpected responses.


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