135 – Alex Olmsted of Good vs Evil – The Business of Good

Social good marketing and business with Alex Olmsted

Olmsted 3-minAlex Olmsted (bio), Founder and CEO of Good vs Evil, an advertising and design company (focused on social good which helps companies into powerful forces of good through creatively driven and thoughtful CSR programs, and also help Non-Profits & NGOs tell their story in a beautiful and effective way as well as help them become superstar fundraisers), joins Marc Raco , Rob Sanchez, and guest host Ilan Tito.

Millennial support, consideration of negative impact, and analysis

Olmsted 1-minA return of food on the show, but is it Ding Dongs? Olmsted discussed building the Good vs Evil brand, finding the way to work with clients, how the company works on a project, working with fashion companies with social good goals, and when is it useful to integrate social good into business productively vs. hurting business. How social good can be “penalized” as something people take on, whether society rewards being good in business, how a social good component can add a business burden, why there is resistance even though we have to do it, and how millennials will support a brand with great social good vision.

The importance of having a good product, why new entrepreneurs and mindful to involve social good Olmsted 4-minin their businesses because of patterning from social platforms, how businesses need marketing campaigns with something real and relevant to talk about to gain attention, the many ancillary benefits of a strong social good campaign, and the consideration of potential negative impact of campaigns. A move toward entrepreneurial platforms to help people do actual good, and the need for a more analytical side. Considerations to make sure doing good doesn’t backfire, how it can be integrated into business models, and the usefulness of A/B testing.

Taking risks, overcoming the Old Guard, and value of social good marketing

Olmsted 2-minHow humor can be appropriate, taking risks, and why any message that resonates is a risk. Looking at social good as marketing or as a way of doing business., how to deal with the struggle with the “Old Guard” to see the value of social good marketing, Wal Mart as an example losing sight of a mission of good, and issues of the cause being important to the business owner. Looking at how to do business by reimagining one’s own products for better social good and sustainability or environmental concerns.

Fatherhood, staying inspired, and one’s place in change

Off the Grid Questions covers new fatherhood and how it connects with promoting social good, how museums and Turkish culture and ping pong tournaments keep creativity and inspiration fresh, the two target audiences, a sales pitch room, some fifth grade bully windmill fist action, a cat in a thunderstorm, and super long pet names. Plus, one’s place in change.



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