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Pop-up retail kiosks with byReveal …

Megan Berry of byReveal 5Megan Berry (bio), Founder and CEO of byReveal, new retail pop-up kiosk concept that makes it easier for consumers to find products they love and easier for designers to be in retail, joins Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco and Rob Sanchez.

Athletics and architecture, design and data, and a focus on creativity

Berry discusses the genesis of the company from a thesis project and Harvard Innovation Lab, with inspiration from bringing retail experiences to a tangible setting faster and more authentically. The role of persistence and endurance and an athletic background, overcoming pushback on her concept, and how determination to bring something unattainable to the creative and retail worlds drove her to a solution. Plus, snack time cupcakes.

A description of the kiosk box, why she choosing a black and matte design, the idea behind theMegan Berry of byReveal 1 structure, how bYReveal is an extension of retail websites elevating designers and extending the online experience, the opportunity to gather data, enabling storytelling in person and avoiding leases, the ability to partner in showcasing products for a short period, taking hassle and expense out of retail, and other likely verticals beyond fashion. Modular shelving versatility, 10-piece packing and assembly. The purpose of providing a solution for creatives by creatives, and how each decision made is intended to enhance creative industry. Plus, Berry touches on the possibilities beyond current functionality.

Opportunities, durability, and collaboration

Megan Berry of byReveal 4Different opportunities for brands at different stages, brand awareness, generating sales, actionable insights, opportunities for testing hyper-local trends, evaluating next locations, and collaboration of multi-brand experiences. The impact of event timing a day or two in advance, construction and durability of units, weather considerations, customization and brand specifics, when the fourth unit is launching, considerations on data capture for organized messaging, communicating with customers, driving traffic and spontaneity, working with municipalities and zoning, and a focus on collaboration,

Megan Berry of byReveal 3Meryl Streep and running fast

Off the Grid Questions cover Meryl Streep, rom-coms, running really fast, art history, and a dream-scenario architect collaboration.


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