145 – Sandra Lopez of Intel – From Wearables to Wantables

Technology in apparel with Intel…

Sandra Lopez of Intel 2Sandra Lopez (bio), Vice President / GM Wearables (Fashion:Sports:Fitness) for Intel, joins Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco and Rob Sanchez on location at the 2016 Fashion Tech Forum.

On the runway, integration, blending industries

Lopez discusses Intel’s a move into fashion, presence on the Paris runway, and why they are getting into fashion. Integration, how when you put things on body it becomes personal, standardization, the world of connectiveness on the body, individuality and functionality, design aesthetics, solving problems, and blending engineering and fashion industries together.

Business models, vision, and evolution

Sandra Lopez of IntelNew business models for apparel with technology, how retail can work for matching fashion and electronics, whether can consumer electronics stores drive traffic for fashion, getting back to fundamentals, what is Intel’s vision and strategy, the need for fashion brands to evolve product and merchandising strategies, an inability to look how its been done in past, and how the new frontier is an exploration.

Creating ecosystems, fear of change, and wellness

The impressive Fashion Tech Forum program, how an Intel demo would be intentional and with purpose, responsive and Sandra Lopez of Intel 1about creating a new market. Enabling ecosystems, how brands need to integrate with technology in seamless ways, looking into the future, solving soft-to-hard connections, and dealing with impact of water and heat on wearables. The way the culture of fear of change is a stumbling block, and the fact that technology moves forward with or without you. Looking at a future in which in 2020 there will be over 50 billion connected devices, how trends around wellness and fitness are real, and the reality that clothing will have technology. Plus, when a connected device BASIS watch helped Lopez with her REM sleep, and her first life-changing use of technology.


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