148 – Jerry Wilmink of Wisewear – The Devil Wears Prada Visits Nerd Engineers

Smart luxury jewelry that keeps you safe with Wisewear…

Jerry Wilmink 1 Dr. Jerry Wilmink (bio), CEO and Founder of Wisewear (making smart luxury jewelry that keeps you safe) joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, and Marc Raco on location at the 2016 Fashion Tech Forum.

Bio-sensing, genesis, and the secret sauce

Wilmink reveals his incredible background in bio-engineering, bio-sensing, and ther moving story of how his grandfather’s medical condition led to the genesis of Wisewear. He discusses the original concept of the hearing aid with other high-end bio sensing functions. A focus on safety and security, how the Socialite Collection was realized within seven months, opening up the products to other developers, “Powered by Wisewear”, eleven patents including innovative antenna technology as the secret sauce, and the transitional phases of wearable tech.

CES, reducing barriers, and a life of action

Jerry Wilmink 1A pivotal milestone of being huge at CES, making tech invisible when fusing fashion with forensic technology, and when functional fashion becomes all about style. Distinguishing oneself amongst fashion tech fusionists, why Wisewear doesn’t pursue “paper partnerships”, and whether Wisewear will become a part of implantables? The value of the wrist for certain sensors, useful vs. worthless data, why Wisewear’s team is fundamentally against screens, reducing barriers created by technology, empowerment without barriers, and what area of the body would create the most accurate bio sensing on the market. Plus, how a divorce, a mother and a law firm inspired Wilmink to have a life of action, determination, euphoria, terror, and growing up in public.


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