149 – Justin Stone of Deposco – Crossing the Next Level Chasm

Cloud-based supply chain management with Deposco…

Justin Stone of DeposcoJustin Stone (bio), Head of Business Development and Sales of Deposco (a cloud-based order management and fulfillment software), joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, and Marc Raco on location at 2016 Fashion Digital NY.

Scale matters, democratizing inventory management, and a success story

Justin Stone of DeposcoStone touches on why companies need to know about Deposco’s solution, discusses how Amazon’s standard for fulfillment, retail and distribution puts pressure on marketplace, and explores democratizing the ability for inventory management, order management and execution of sourcing and fulfillment. How process and challenges are the same but scale matters, the common thread brands are trying to solve, the brick-and-mortar-plus-online success example of Designer Eyes, distributing inventory across a geographic area, inventory visibility and a singular vision of inventory across an enterprise allowing a business to orchestrate sourcing of orders and manage order routing.

Compliance, 28 months, and Snowmaggedon

Justin Stone of DeposcoIntegrating with tax compliance, regulatory concerns, and FTC shipping/labeling, compliance of data that must be controlled and maintained, routing and working with exporting and importing issues, the difference between a successful business and crossing that chasm of the next level, and the importance what happens with businesses at the 28 month point. The most difficult part of the Deposco’s sales process, and the challenge of education and investment necessary to fulfill orders. The opportunity for competitive advantage and increased margins, the ability to aggregate cloud data, managing nuances across models that work with the system and how working with marketplaces can help with optimizing procurement planning and reducing inventory risk. Integration of the process and implementation, knowing objectives and access to data, and how Stone overcomes objections. Plus, Snowmaggedon in Atlanta.


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