FIYB Presents – Lawrence Lenihan on TopTalk with Liz Bacelar

Lawrence Lenihan of Resonance on venture investing in the fashion industry…

TOPTALK - LAWRENCE LENIHAN - 3Lawrence Lenihan (bio) (Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Resonance, a venture operating company that invests in early-stage fashion brands using a unique combination of capital, venture investing experience, fashion industry insight and expertise, manufacturing knowledge and capability and technology vision) joins Liz Bacelar (global expert in the intersection of fashion and technology) for this first installment of TopTalk and an in-depth interview presented by Fashion Is Your Business.

The biggest surprise, exciting times, and the mantra of knowing nothing

TOPTALK - LAWRENCE LENIHAN - 2Lenihan reveals his start in fashion retail, the biggest transformations and surprising speed of changes, retailers’ huge challenges, why now is an exciting time, how the Internet has allowed intimate and specific connections for brands with customers, growth’s best actionable points for fashion brand CEO’s, the importance of “owning a mountain”, where the most innovative things are happening, talent with vision and enabling them to execute with precision, taking creative brilliance with great execution and a great idea and make it a massive success. One of Lenihan’s biggest regrets, focusing on a demonstrated ability to connect with customer and the ultimate proof of connection, the value of a mantra of knowing nothing, and enabling see-now/buy-now.

Socrates and Kennedy, a backseat milkshake machine, and the perfect product

TOPTALK - LAWRENCE LENIHAN - 1The parallels of learning to cook Chinese food with Lenihan’s work, Socrates and Kennedy, the backseat milkshake machine, and a “TopTalk Quickfire” reveals a perfect product, a book that changed the business, Lenihan’s favorite product, the search for the right people, going to space, and a fashion faux pas, and his greatest achievement.


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