157 – Keeth Smart of Physiclo – Resistance is Not Futile

Built-in resistance bands in activewear with Physiclo…

Keeth Smart (bio), Co-Founder and COO of Physiclo (a fitness technology company integrating resistance to increase muscle work through use of biomechanics and physics), Olympic silver medalist and professional fencer, joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, and Marc Raco. Listeners can use code “FIYB” at checkout on www.physiclo.com for 10% of all Physiclo products through June 30, 2017.

Fencing, a medical school project, and integrating resistance

Smart shares his background, what being a sponsored athlete means, how Star Wars was part why he became a fencer, and his Olympic experience. He discusses the start of Physiclo as a medical school project looking at how to make it harder to do normal activities. Focusing on biomechanics vs. other activewear tights, and considerations of producing heavier apparel. Dealing with varying people and apparel size needs, constantly adding sizes and adjusting the sizing chart, considering kinds of muscle groups, types of sport vs. muscle ratios, 100 day lead times, the comparison of work harder to the effect of moving in water.

A sample black men’s shorts is examined, the motivation of solving a problem vs. being an extension of an athletic career, issues with precision sports dealing with muscle memory after using resistance bands in activewear, and how the apparel is more for conditioning than technical training, usually used for cross-training. A look at the construction process, product development and life cycle of a layered and technical approach, and the innovation of being able to integrate resistance without straps to keep mechanisms in place. Unidirectional stretch and power mesh, measuring how much torque can human leg maximize, and stabilizing knees. And a patented approach including exploring electroactive polymers to adjust resistance based on input from an app and current need or activity.

Geeky info, a challenge, and looking ahead

A look at the storytelling of Physiclo, caution of mixed messaging such as health implications, rehab, etc, and focusing now on performance training. The importance of including geeky info (science, validation) and including Smart’s own story of improvement and success due to Physiclo. Pavan takes on a challenge, and Smart offers a discount to listeners. Co-patenting with NYU, a highly successful crowdfunding campaign, and the current challenge of brand marketing and need to educate consumer in creative ways. Tackling focused medical benefits, military applications, possibilities with NASA for astronauts and weightlessness, and the dreams of a future for the business in the same path as Under Armour and Nike.

Changing perception, a president, and Yoda meets Mr. Miyagi

After a late but healthy Snack Time, Off the Grid Questions covers the change in perception of fencing that can come with being an Olympian, discovering another side of a President, and Smart’s very own Yoda.


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