158 – Sam Payrovi of Custom Consortium – Customizing Change

Customizing fashion and lifestyle…

Sam Payrovi (bio), CEO of Custom Consortium (building the premier omni-channel retailer specialized for customizable fashion and lifestyle and curating the world’s finest bespoke brands into a revolutionary retail experience), and Founder and CEO of Saintly Bags (a travel & fashion lifestyle brand), joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, and Marc Raco on location at the 2016 Fashinvest Fashion Tech Investment Conference in New York City.

A new idea, an inspiring episode, and branding considerations and branding

Payrovi shares his journey from banking to bags, and discusses how the need for a retail platform for customizable products. Whether the solution came from the need as a solution for Saintly Bags or built as a response for larger need and marketplace. Navigating complexities between different categories of customizable products, motivation from hearing an episode of FIYB with Lion’esque Group [Episode 85] delivery schedules and considerations for streamlining across the platform, allowing brands to continue with what they are doing successfully, and branding considerations.

Filtering, design labs, and the next three years

Filtering for brands for he platform, how the selection of brands fits into picture and changes going forward with growth of processes, what customization means to them, a current focus on 50-70 mid-level boutique brands which need the most help, and opportunities with larger enterprise brands like Nike and Levi’s who do custom work. The opportunity to bring new customers who are customization specific and also new to the large brands, allowing fledgling brands to focus on developing good products instead of marketplace infrastructure, and the two sides of Custom Consortium as ecommerce and design labs. The vision of being an entire retailer for customization on and off line, solving issues such as shipping, international tariffs, etc., enabling larger retailers to offer customizable brands, and reducing need for inventory in store and an unlimited product offering in small space, dollars/square foot. The first design lab in Los Angeles in January 2017, how brand presence will appear, and the motivation for retail spaces to do business with Custom Consortium.

Pre-med, Southeast Asia and running with an idea

Off the Grid Questions reveals a start with pre-med and banking, Southeast Asia, happy and giving culture of Laos, looking at one’s own complexities, picking up an idea and running with it, and being inspired.


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