159 – Jared Kleinert of 3 Billion Under 30 – Millennial Mission

Jared Kleinert on understanding and marketing to Millennials…

Jared Kleinert (bio), Entrepreneur, TED Speaker, and Award-Winning Co-Author of “3 Billion Under 30” and “2 Billion Under 20”, joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, and Marc Raco for a conversation about the millennial generation and his new book, available at www.3billionunder30.com/fiyb .

The move to self-publishing, the mistake of grouping millennials together, and the biggest press win ever

21 year old Kleinert offers a snack as a metaphor, shares how he started at 17 years old being seen as one of the voices of a generation, and reflects on Peter Thiel. He touches on what justified the second book, changing from the published to the self-publishing model, and how the book is a better designed product with an improved experience in buying, and how the process has been a better overall experience by going independent. He reveals how he became a speaker at 16 years old, the issue with the term “millennials” and putting them into one marketing category, looking at changes in considering abilities vs. age of a generation, the need for brands to get smarter about targeting niches at scale, going from push-marketing to value-providing marketplaces, IBM Millennial Corps, a cognitive dress at the Met Gala sets the stage for the largest earned media campaign and biggest press win ever, and creative partnerships.

Building a network, innovating the book-buying experience, and the larger plan

Social media following vs. building a personal network with followers and leveraging a connective following with value, how his company focuses on marketing and business development around product launches, and figuring out who ideal customer is and reverse-engineering to get more of those people. How the second book about getting exponential success in record time, and the difference between questions and complaints regarding millennials. Creating a unique book-buying experience that allows his company to collect customer data, open business opportunities, utilize books as a “gateway drug, use tactics that other businesses use but most authors don’t, and why he wrote the second book. Kleinert shares access to his marketing plan for the book at www.jaredkleinert.com/marketingplan .

“Hey Ya!”, Tony Hsieh, and being raw

Off the Grid Questions cover Kleinert’s first time performing in front of people, generational bashing, Outkast, and Tony Hsieh, fearless outreach, the value of listening, being conscious, and being raw.


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