162 – TJ Travelbee of IBM IX – When Watson Became Your Copilot

Interactive experience with artificial intelligence, and IBM Watson…

TJ Travelbee (bio), Global Technology Director for IBM IX (Interactive Experience), joins Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco, Rob Sanchez and guest host David Polinchock (also a cohost of The SoHo Show) in the Alert Tech booth in the Innovation Center at NRF Big Show.

An amazing car, unified commerce, and a limitless playing field

A 2018 Camaro SS as a connected car, IBM’s significant NRF presence, a big charge around Watson and not replacing humans, utilizing machine learning and AI to turn everyone into a guru, unified commerce, interaction workflows, utilizing a dashboard as an engagement platform, allowing vehicles to emerge inside the order fulfillment cycle and customer experience, creating a limitless playing field, and how technology that can help communicate the true essence of a brand.

Autonomous cars, capturing attention, and a new copilot

Potential impact of autonomous cars on this technology, making the car an actual payment vehicle, a focus on the cognitive, the ability to use augmented intelligent to make people’s lives better, creating things that disrupt, endeavoring to reimagine and redefine what it is to be in a car, turning time in car into time well spent, and the opportunity to capture attention from drivers and link to opportunities for recreation and problem solving with brands when drivers are focused, engaged, and opted in. Watson as a driver’s copilot.

The future of music venues, Keith Richards, and the South of France

Off the Grid Questions explores the future of live music venues, the potential for “Watson concerts”, painting in the extraordinary light of the South of France, the author with the most power, classic Neil Diamond, The Bomber, and Keith Richards, James Taylor, a “Message In a Bottle” cassette tape, and losing a car.


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