166 – Daymond John of FUBU, Shark Tank and Blueprint and Co – Blueprint of a Successful Entrepreneur

The journey of successful entrepreneur Daymond John…

Photo credit: Charles Beckwith

Daymond John (bio), entrepreneur, investor, founder of FUBU, star of Shark Tank, author of the best-selling “The Power of Broke” and founder of Blueprint and Co, joins hosts Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez and Marc Raco for a “fireside chat” with Pavan in a special edition of “Fashion Is Your Business LIVE”, on location at the new coworking environment, Blueprint + Co. Sponsored by Diaego, Miller/Coors [must be 21 to enter], BarterHouse, and M2M.

Looking back – FUBU, LL Cool J vs. The Gap, and Ups and Downs

Photo credit: Rachel Thalia Fisher

John reviews his entrepreneurial path so far, from making and selling hats in Queens on Jamaica Avenue, hip hop as a social media, creating FUBU after reading a newspaper article and the meaning of the name, selling 80 hats in 90 minutes on a 37-degree cold Good Friday, The BlackExpo, Video Music Box, Ralph McDaniels, billboard bodyguards, from a grassroots effort to $300k of orders from MAGIC, rappers, 10 t-shirts and a bunch of empty spray cans, owing a lot to LL Cool J’s beef with The Gap (see the referenced commercial here), deflecting to a bigger win, his perspective on the ups and downs of a brand, and not taking oneself too seriously.

Reflecting – Analytics, goals, dyslexia, Shark Tank, and parenting advice from Jaleel White

Photo credit: Rachel Thalia Fisher

The world is changing too fast, find out how to execute like kids are executing today, how it is easier to sell directly to customers and make them feel like a part of the process, how today’s analytics are the hidden pot of gold, learning how to acquire more data, and keeping up with the culture. John’s history of representing clients like The Kardashians and Pit Bull,keeping tabs his goals 5 days a week and being in constant control of them, overcoming health, business and marital suffering.

Photo credit: Rachel Thalia Fisher

Limitations vs. superpowers, dyslexia, the number of Sharks and other successful people who have dyslexia, and the relationship between undiagnosed invisible disabilities and crime. The origins of John participating in Shark Tank, pitching TV show ideas to Mark Burnett, how a secretary in London became the link to a third season of Shark Tank, defining and succeeding with celebrity, the value of employing long time friends, comparing a “blooper reel with a sizzle reel”, and the danger of trying to live up to an imaginary standard. Plus, actor Jaleel White’s inspiring and comedic take on parenting.

The future – The resurrection of FUBU, Blueprint + Co., and leaving a legacy

Photo credit: Rachel Thalia Fisher

John tries to name off all his 30 hands-on businesses in less than a minute, the possibility of a return of FUBU, a look at the unique high-end co-working environment Blueprint + Co., activating “The Power of Broke”, the consideration of leaving a legacy, giving back, being in control of one’s own destiny with democracy at risk, and taking initiative at any age.


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