168 – Bilal Zaidi of Google and Creator Lab – POV

Search, discovery and innovation with Google…

Photo credit: Tom Atakora

Bilal Zaidi (bio) working in Fashion and Sport for Google, and host of Creator Lab podcast, joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, Marc Raco in front of a live audience at the Sennheiser pop up store in SoHo, NYC for FIYB LIVE. (Zaidi’s opinions and statements are his own.)

The path to Google, navigating the digital world, and the evolution of search

Photo credit: Tom Atakora

Zaidi reviews his background, announces a new professional development, reveals origins in e-commerce before it was in the consumer world, and selling street wear sim cards, candy, sport blog, teaching analytics, etc. A path to Google right out of college, and the transformation of Google from next-level search to playing in many digital worlds. Zaidi’s team navigating the digital world from Google’s perspective, working with e-commerce managers, CEOs and CMOs, the big growth area of YouTube, data analytics and converting to search, technology companies across the board, and working on Internet of Things and new devices.

Looking at the evolution of search from “mobile first world” to “AI first world”, and understanding knowledge. How people are searching in a conversational way, and the remarkable way that the assist of Google Now is anticipating needs. Plus, moving from being reactive vs. proactive as a result of creating discoverable things.

Converting search to purchases, creating micro-moments, and Creator Lab podcast

Photo credit: Tom Atakora

Converting searches to purchases, YouTube as research at top of the funnel, new things about digital marketing such as personalization and two-way engagement, and how the principals of marketing haven’t changed while methods have. Everyone hits your brand first as text field, integrating creative into search marketing, experiments with visual sight links and image extensions, the ability to create more engagement. The change in advertising engagement from typical spots to extended content, how tech companies are starting to understand what is in an image (i.e Google Photos) and connecting search. Motivating search, with examples of NY Lotto’s augmented reality experiences, Rebecca Minkoff’s gamification of physical stores, and Minesweeper’s purpose. Storytelling trends, examples of best-in class embrace unique capabilities of digital or sequential view marketing, rollouts of strategy, controlling the conversation by creating micro-moments with a cool campaign when Netflix launch of “Friends” using trending searches and when Trevor Noah joined “The Daily Show”.

How Creator Lab podcast relates to discovery, and the genesis of the show coming from being discouraged by the business world. Bridging worlds of nonprofit and corporate with high profile people. Daymond John, Scott Harrison (Charity Water), Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks, and what can be learned from the process of booking the guests and creating relationships.

A watch, some advice, and self-empowerment

Off the Grid Questions cover a buying a lot of hats, growing out of a big purchase, need vs. want, living with recent immigration and travel ban realities, self-empowerment, and taking on change.


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