170 – Lindsay Boyajian of Augment – Visualizing New Retail Realities

3D Augmented reality as service with Augment…

Lindsay Boyajian (bio), CMO of Augment, an Augmented Reality as a Service platform, joins Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco and Rob Sanchez at the Alert Tech booth at NRF Big Show.

An SDK, omnichannel, and evolution of visualization

Boyajian discusses an augmented reality (AR) SDK, 3D product models, and the next evolution of product visualization. She talks about being blown away from a pre-Pokeman Go AR demo, and immediately deciding she needed to be a part of the AR world. The many possibilities, such as displaying new merchandise on site with store manager, and now offering a differentiator as a native integration with a new SDK putting AR in existing mobile apps, using AR to sell and envision home furnishings and appliances and electronics in the home, getting 3D model of products available for retailers, and working with manufacturers to create a data base of products to pull from. Solving return rates, and how the in-store shopping experience is being lost by being on mobile, with new omnichannel experience enabling consumers to try products at home first via AR while on the native app. And, why this is the next evolution of product visualization online.

Encouraging data, integrations, and the NRF experience

The collection of encouraging data to support decreases in return rate, an increase of engagement on apps, integrations with top CRMs like Salesforce, 3D software integrations, and looking to create plugins for leading platforms. Future integrations that are exciting, considering a vision to be applied in all products in all product visualizations across the board, changing how we interact with products, connecting digital and physical, the ability come in with your own scan of one’s own home or office and save it for putting the furnishing or appliances via AR in an omnichannel experience. A pivotal moment of the AR industry, the NRF experience and success in the Innovation Lab, and what big brands are looking for.

Childhood, Brad Pitt, and teleportation

Off the Grid Questions cover using one’s imagination, co-starring in a thriller, and afternoon sidewalk lunches around the world.


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