171 – Jonathan Epstein – A.I. Doesn’t Need an Expensed Lunch

Artificial Intelligence Software for Consumer Experiences in Retail with Sentient Technologies…

Jonathan Epstein (bio), Chief Marketing Officer of Sentient Technologies, transform consumer experiences for companies doing business online) joins Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco , Rob Sanchez and guest host Brian Laney (VP of Retail at Alert Tech) at the Alert Tech booth at NRF Big Show.

Deep learning, 256 dimensions, and image analysis

Epstein discusses being able to change the mere 3% of sales from online ecommerce visitors, how Sentient Aware uses deep learning, the ability to analyze and do embedding of 256 dimensions, creating interfaces, how users can simply click on an image then the AI learns from clicks, allowing users to get to products they want to buy in 3 to 4 clicks, and how this is ideal for mobile. Analyzing images vs. tagging, how AI essentially ingests any product, approaching contextual. And considering that the focus is on in-the-moment.

Dynamic merchandising, weaving in retail necessities, and increasing conversion

Working on Pepper integration, and how use cases are on ecommerce sites and in emails. Looking at Sentient Technologies as an API that understands products and users and forges a connection, how a site is dynamically merchandised by ads clicked, and the ability to consider and model retail necessities and other inputs and weave those into recommendations, as well as looking at and more effective, strategized retargeting. Using AI to test 20-30 different changes as once and which combination of changes are most effective, lifting conversion substantially. Plus, dynamic serving of sites based on past profiles of users.

An AI-managed hedge fund, seamless commerce, and stealing cookies

The reality of evolutionary computation allowing for an AI managed hedge fund with a strategy akin to natural selection, with 40 trillion virtual trading desks per year. Disruption empowerment, and seamless commerce. Off the Grid questions reveal exact and immediate answers about cookie stealing, animal tool use, Speak n Spell, and the SkyNet myth.

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