175 – Yoni Lavi of Lavi Industries – Queuing Up Retail

Queue management software for retail with Lavi Industries

Yoni Lavi, Product Manager of Queue Management Software at Lavi Industries (bio), joins consumer experience joins Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco and guest host Brian Laney (VP of Retail at Alert Tech) at the Alert Tech booth at NRF Big Show.

Railings and tubings, innovation, and knowing your core business

Lavi discusses how queuing relates to operational efficiency and automation of a business, how his business was founded 37 years ago by his father on brass railings and tubings serving airports, restaurants, and focusing on a proprietary belt track stanchion. Innovation headed in the direction to be queuing solutions provider, thus entering into world of software, now 12 years later they have a suite of software for queuing solutions. The vision his father had that is still true today is positioning the business not as a post manufacturer but as a queuing solution provider.

An ecosystem, virtual queuing, and streamlining

Leveraging the waiting customer, the front end checkout as a main business must be made productive by reducing wait times, leveraging line waiting with digital content, data and analytics from queues can provide retailers info to help them become operationally efficient. Stanchions are part of an ecosystem. Promoting better consumer experience in physical stores, make the queuing process better, and how queuing shows the failure to recognize opportunities. By not seeing a line you reduce abandonment, how a three person queue can cause a 10% loss, and UX virtual queuing vs. physical queuing. Software applications empower consumers to spend the waiting process away from a physical line, discovering other products. Virtual queuing can give more efficient processing time, flexibility during the waiting process, empowering businesses to maximize service delivery, and retail is the last accepter of virtual queuing. Streamlining the process of specialized vendors that makes it all look like one streamlined process. Airport and governments, solutions looking for problems.

Selling time, ethics and trust, and beautiful airport mayhem

Focusing on value props, i.e. Uber is selling time, how selling time will win, how Lavi sold virtual queuing system to Lufthansa to mitigate rushes of people, capturing their information and employees in back office have visibility to passenger groupings. Strategies to reduce friction and negative perception, ethics and negative implications of targeting people in a queue with ads, the importance of trust, communicating with people in a queues to reduce irritation, the importance of a real wait calculation, empowering retailers with service recovery. Off the Grid Questions cover the Jurassic Park ride, serving in the Israeli military, where overcoming adversity results everyone thinking they are a boss, the beautiful mayhem of airport lines in Israel, and believing in the mission of your family business.


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