FIYB Presents Rebecca Minkoff at SXSW on TopTalk with Liz Bacelar

Rebecca Minkoff on innovation and mentoring…

Rebecca Minkoff (bio) (Co-Founder, Creative Director and Designer of the Rebecca Minkoff womenswear brand) joins Liz Bacelar (global expert in the intersection of fashion and technology) for this installment of TopTalk and an in-depth interview presented by Fashion Is Your Business on location at The Current Mansion in Austin, TX during SXSW.

My friend the consumer, the Always On bag, and the risk/success ratio

Minkoff talks of fashion clinging onto the past, and the need for a constant education. How she thinks of consumers as friends, and the desire and need to keep a dialogue up with the consumer, while keeping it authentic. She discusses the launch of the Always On Bag, how it brings a bag to life, makes life easier and how the bag works for the customer. Minkoff touches on partnering with Avery Dennison and the ability to capture hundreds of thousands of women who purchase bags though other channels and begin dialogue with them, while staying connected beyond the wholesale purchase. How direct-to-consumer the way of the future, so this bag is a way to connect and deepen connection. Retailers should embrace this. The impact of the largest female brand being led by a Millennial female designer. Can success be “Ubered”? Minkoff stresses that success is not easy, and the keys to being successful come from strength of network and staff, and a willingness to take risks and fail.

Partnership challenges, a TV show, and the beautiful hustle

Challenges of partnership, how Minkoff and brother/partner Uri have benefitted from seeing a couples counselor for business owners. Minkoff’s role and experiences starring in the first season of the TV show Project Runway Fashion Startup, investing in FITBOX, and believing in Siren. Working with women and girls toward meaningful careers, fighting the gender gap, how many companies missing a dynamic of the personal user experience of a woman at the table, working to broaden the universe of women to show the what’s possible. Keeping opportunities and equality going for women and closing gender gap, both to open opportunities and cultivating her own team. The beautiful hustle, how no is just the beginning of yes, going back stronger, and a fear of zombies.


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