181 – John Gaydac of Toshiba – Commerce Brilliantly

Enriching consumer retail experience with Toshiba…

John Gaydac, Executive Vice President, Global Sales & Professional Services at Toshiba Global Commerce Solution (bio), joins Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco and Brian Laney (VP of Sales for Alert Tech) at the Alert Tech booth at the NRF Big Show.

Lift and Learn, brilliant commerce, and considering psychology

Gaydac reveals how Toshiba works toward enriching retailers’ experience, creating frictionless shopping, and providing retailers the ability to learn more about consumers via insight, actions, and offers. He discussed “Lift and Learn” with an example of a partnership with Van’s, with lifting the shoe off pedestal learn about every aspect and use of the product. The ability for facial recognition focusing the message, and ask for assistance, creating a style advisor relationship and the ability to give them info without making them feel negatively. The ability to upsell to individual with brilliant commerce, psychological considerations and consideration of gender differences, and the importance of retailers to be nimble since the psyche changes quickly.

Changing the focus, a change to the front end, and sensitivity to ad bombardment

Empowering associates, Predicting the future of retail shopping, empowering supermarkets, delis etc., empowering associates to focus on customer service and experience, curating an experience, moving associates to consumer experience from pure checkout, asserting that the front end is not for transaction but for additional selling capability. Operational effectiveness and consumer experience blended with choices. Attentiveness to concerns about getting bombarded with pushed or beacon ads, and giving consumers the ability to communicate their sensitivity for bombardment.

Good and bad consumer experiences, a danger for retailers, and accommodating pace

Gaydac’s great consumer experiences in DIY home improvement and travel, and what creates failures in customer experience, the danger for retailers who don’t realize lines and channels are blurred, how brilliant commerce is a journey, and consideration of retailers move at different paces. And how Toshiba works to enable retailers to take on the journey at the right pace for them.

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