185 – Liron Slonimsky and Preeti Mattoo of Awear – Just Rewards

Frequent flyer program for fashion…

Liron Slonimsky (Founder/CEO) and Preeti Mattoo (Director of Engagement) of Awear (a smart tag technology that enables fashion brands to discover, engage and even mobilize their consumers and reward them for being their real brand ambassadors) join Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, and Marc Raco at the MouthMedia Network Studios.

Sci Fi, Vogue, and Parsons, NYFTL, and getting matched

Slonimsky (bio), a former Science Fiction scriptwriter and formerly working in sales for a large gaming company, cofounded Awear to create brand ambassadors who earn rewards from brands discounts to experiences. Mattoo (bio) worked at Vogue, in health care (which she says is similar to the fashion industry), went to Parsons to study the business of fashion and fashion design. Slonimsky and Mattoo discuss their goals in participation in the New York Fashion Tech Lab, including getting feedback from industry experiences and learning more about how to market Awear, and making it more accurate. How they were matched with Kohl’s and Macy’s and Flextronics, how the access in Spring Place offers an incredible ecosystem, allowing to become more dramatic and more relevant to brands.

Trackable data, creating positive experiences, and RFID vs. Bluetooth

How their product uses a Bluetooth low energy tag in a button with encrypted data, and the benefit that Bluetooth can be turned off. A debate about being comfortable with trackable data, and the monetary value of wearing a logo. Promoting people to change behavior and with opportunities to use the product so its out there being seen, creating accurate positive experiences for the user which leads to engagement which leads to second sales with a deeper attachment to a brand, the opportunity to transfer ownership, can you push a brand by adding Awear to an existing product, growing with a luxury brand as it grows and scales, RFID vs. Bluetooth, and the assumption that people are lazy.

The Israeli military, The New York Times style section, and the absence of fear

The Israeli military, getting fired from basic training, the difference in honesty and politeness in New York vs. Israel, reading the New York Times at 2 years old, The Challenger tragedy, and the absence of fear.

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