Wear Conference 2017 Post-Game Report

Recap of Wear Conference 2017…

Pavan BahlMarc Raco and Rob Sanchez reflect on participating in Wear Conference 2017 in San Francisco, CA.

The discussion covers the incredible professionals at the event, great interviews with top innovators and brand leaders in wearables and wearable technology along with other remarkable developments, high engagement of big content and session value, impactful ideas, thinking and talent, a collaborative feel, and the overall experience.

A sense of R and D and engineering, and the sense of what is possible, early prototypes, DuPont, Adidas, Digiwell, implantable technology, how Pavan has become a cyborg, Technical Instruments, Apollo spacesuits, Evrnu, transforming textile waste into pristine new fibers, creating carbon molecules out of macadamia nuts, and an epic conversation with Dean Steven Frumkin of FIT and Bob Berg of Magic Sourcing.

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