200 – Fashion Model Candice Huffine and Ziel CEO Marleen Vogelaar – The 200th Show

Collaboration between on-demand active wear manufacturer and international model…

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Candice Huffine (international fashion model and Founder of Day Won – (bio)) and Marleen Vogelaar (Founder/CEO of Ziel, custom activewear collections, designed and delivered on-demand – (bio)) join Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, Marc Raco and guest host (and editor for WWD) Andrew Nodell for the 200th episode of Fashion Is Your Business, recorded on location at La Marina Restaurant Bar and Beach Lounge in New York City and sponsored by Stylitics, Musefind and Instasleep.

A model’s journey, from engineer to fashion brand founder, and an inspiring collaboration

Photo credit: Albert Cheung Photography

Huffine shared her journey as a plus-sized model, a decision at 15 years old to follow a dream, discovering an industry split into two, and a path she was meant to take, as a plus model, a.k.a. “curvy”, and as a role model to motivate people to look their best selves. Becoming a new runner, completing a full marathon, encouraging women to do something just for themselves, and taking on the latest role as a designer of a new fitness apparel line, collaborating with Ziel.

Vogelaar discusses her background in 3D printing, as an engineer not a designer, co-founding Shapeways (the biggest on demand 3D fashion printing company in the world) learning how designers think, how being very tall created a desire and need to create her own clothing, seeing brand fragmentation happening, seeing a lot of technology to make custom clothing, and making a dedicated line for who someone is and what someone stands for like Huffine with Ziel – on-demand design and manufacturing service for retailers and brands.

A new chapter, a new brand name, and propelling designers

Photo credit: Albert Cheung Photography

Huffine on the work she’s doing with Ziel, why it is both a continuation of her same journey and a new chapter, coming into partnership as knowledgeable and ready, as a natural progression for a model, creating a new brand, and preparing for a long time. She offers a scoop, announcing her new fitness apparel brand name “Day Won”! How Vogelaar is a frustrated buyer of fashion, and the purpose to propel new designers like Huffine, and making it so the women wearing the apparel feel that they can be doing something that makes them feel like the best version of themselves.

Heptathlons, podcasts and movies, and blue crabs

Photo credit: Albert Cheung Photography

Off the Grid Questions cover the first thought of “Look at me”, pageant queen posters, training for heptathlons, growing up in a factory, building engines vs. the perfect pageant wave, a cash register obsession, spiders and sharks, being relevant, living through brands, staying on brand with podcasts and movies, Huffine gets a job offer, answering where your from, and elusive steamed blue crabs, feeling at home, and a good team.

Note from the hosts: Thank you to all of our guests, listeners, team members, guest hosts, sponsors, and partners for 200 incredible shows. There is much more ahead! And thanks to all who attended our 200th Show recording event, and sharing the moment, the fun, the scenic view, the heat and the helicopters!

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