204 – Rohan Deuskar of Stylitics – The Styling Army’s Gone, The Quality Remains

How showing consumers how to style outfits with visual inspiration and merchandising with Stylitics can lead to higher purchases…

Rohan Deuskar, CEO and Co-Founder of Stylitics, one of the original fashion technology companies which scales visual inspiration and merchandising for brands discusses how the fashion industry has been changing the way it engages consumers in the recent 6-8 years. He discusses the way Stylitics can change how retailers have a conversation with the customer, tech can bundle visual merchandise across categories although his company focused in fashion due to expertise. Deuskar (profile) joins hosts Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez and Marc Raco on location at the National Association of Broadcasters Conference. Powered by Sennheiser.

Machine learning, external data sets, and increased order value

Deuskar reviews how Stylitics built system where a team of experts is able to quickly teach the machine learning system, which analyzes what works well together. How the visual merchandise is essentially content, the input a retailer has in what products are prioritized and featured by the selection of algorithm and styling guidelines, and matching to external data sets such as weather. Stylitics has provided 500 Million personalized recommendations to date, sending a personalized email with weather and a list of outfits. The motivation of brands, and examples of increases in sales. The goal of Stylitics in the next 24 months to contribute $1 Billion in increased sales, and the currently typical 25% increased order value.

Online to offline, standardizing images, and meeting the challenge of scale

A conversation about integrating into a physical environment, online to offline, and how every day thousands of outfits can be on a digital channel, can be displayed in store with clientele tools, and outfit shops (in-store AR/VR destinations), with Stylitics’ role as outfitting stylist layer. How it is so simple to partner with other tech solutions from chatbots to AR. Providing the styling inspiration piece of the shift of how retailers can focus more on consumer experience than style knowledge. The process of standardizing existing images. The inspiration for the pivot in Stylitics in this new direction, and meeting the challenge of scale. Plus, overcoming potential objections.

A dream, a stylus, and an app

Off the Grid Questions cover following through with a dream, abandoning Apple for the wonders of a stylus, and what app allows Deuskar the ability connect with friends and family worldwide in a meaningful way while running a business.

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